Things that make breastfeeding easier

Here are some things to make lactation comfortable and peaceful:
which will especially help mothers and make everyday life easier:
1) Breastfeeding pillow - View products
A feeding pillow will help you avoid back, neck and arm pain
helps with comfortable positioning of the baby
2) Bras for nursing mothers - View products Makes it easier to feed the baby
Make breast feeding more comfortable whatever the environment.
3) Nightgown for nursing mothers
- View products It is extremely practical
At night, when the baby often wakes up for food, a special opening means
Allows you to stop wearing a bra while sleeping.
4) Milk pump - View products
It is especially important to have it for several reasons: milk supply
Collect milk for unexpected situations, if the mother is temporarily unable
to feed the baby, while continuing to provide breast milk; For working mothers who have to
leave the little one; To relieve stiffness and discomfort in the chest.
5) breast pads
- View products helps with hygiene
It is a necessary product, and protects you from leaking milk around breastfeeding
and keeps you clean and dry.